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How To Buy A Garage Door







The next time you look at your home's garage doors, consider what they do:


When you stop to think about it, buying garage doors is really an investment in the beauty, value, security, and energy efficiency of your home. And like any good investment decision, your satisfaction is directly related to the quality of the information you have about your choices, the degree to which the investment meets your unique needs.




There are 3 basic types of door available

Single layer door  -  Single sheet of metal on the exterior with no insulation, hollow core and no back side.

Typical use is a detached garage where you are not concerned about heat loss.  No R Value.


Double layer door  -  Same as above but with a 1 1/2 inch thick styrafoam with a vinyl back inserted into the hollow core of the single layer door.

Inexpensive way to get R Value but does not provide additional  durability like a steel back door.  R value of approx 6.5


Triple layer door  -  There are several types of triple layer doors.  The main difference is that a triple layer door (steel sandwich Door) has a metal front and a metal back with insulation sandwiched between the 2 steel panels.  Triple layer doors (steel sandwich doors) typically come in 3 different thickness and either a styrafoam or injected polyurethane core.  Doors are typically 1 3/8 inch  -  1 3/4 inch  -  2 inch thick with R Values ranging from 6.5  to 16.18.