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Spring & Summer Special



16 x 7 Garage Door  - $960.00 - Installed

9 x 7 Garage Door -  $585.00  - Installed

8 x 7 Garage Door -   $560.00 - Installed


Triple Layer (Steel Sandwich Door) - Steel front - Steel Back - Injected Polyurethane core


Simply the best garage door available


R Value  16.18  -  Installed  -  Complete Price out the door no additional charges**

Removal / Disposal of old door and complete installation of new door to include weather stripping included


Panel Designs Available



Colors available


White - Almond - Sandstone in stock Install tomorrow


Brown - Bronze - Gray - Hunter Green (Special Order 2 - 3 weeks)


Window Designs Available


Click here for window options  



This three tier, corrosion-resistant protection is designed to repel even the most hostile weather conditions. The protective layers found on both the interior and exterior are:

  1. Foam Injected Polyurethane
  2. 26 gauge steel
  3. Galvanizing
  4. Epoxy Primer
  5. Polyester Top Coat

Invest in Beauty & Style
An individual's single most important investment is a home. A garage door can do more than just add beauty to your home; it can insulate, save you money, and increase value.


In visually appealing, wood grained embossed steel, the quality of the Platinum Edition RHT Models is far greater than meets the eye. Each door is carefully finished on both the interior and exterior with a tough epoxy primer and a durable polyester protective coating. This ensures years of lasting distinction, despite the harsh effects of weather and frequent use. The RHT Models have an R-Value of 16.18 and use CFC FREE, 1 3/4" thick polyurethane foam that is environmentally safe. The Platinum Edition boasts one of the highest energy ratings of any garage door in the industry, giving it six times the insulating value of wood or non-insulated doors.

Haas Door offers the broadest selection of quality-built insulated and non-insulated doors in the widest variety of styles, including three top-of-the-line models with polyurethane foam insulation.


Practical, Efficient, Economical
IThe investment of an RHT Model steel garage door is a value with a return. Virtually maintenance free, it won't rust, rot, or warp and is highly energy efficient, insulating your home from extreme temperatures, wind, and rain


** Price is for a  standard Installation.  Low headroom or uneven concrete could result in additional charges. 

$25.00 to $55.00 for low head room (minimum 12 inch head room required)

$12.00 to $20.00 for uneven concrete (larger bottom seal may be required)




By Advantage Door


Serving the Greater Cincinnati - Tri State Area & 513 Area Code


(513) 227 - 9091