Garage door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury.  Only a qualified professional or a mechanically experienced person should adjust them, but only by carefully following the manufacturer's instructions

Spring replacement by qualified professionals usually runs anywhere from $125.00 - $300.00 based on location.  In the Greater Cincinnati area I do single spring replacements for $135.00  or  Double Spring replacement for $165.00, no hidden charges.

Don't be fooled by lifetime springs, all garage door springs will break at some point, all springs have an associated cycle rate based on several factors such as Wire Size, Inside Diameter and Length.  10,000 cycles is the minimum standard in the garage door industry.

How Garage Door Springs Work

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The minimum cycle life of garage door spring is 10,000 by industry standard and the average life is 7 Years. Based on door usage this will vary, it is not uncommon for springs to last 10 - 12 years.

Based on the weight of your door you may have a single spring or a double spring setup.

Generally doors that weigh up to 170 pounds have a single spring and doors 180 and above will have 2 springs.

Door springs are like shoes there is a left and a right.  When using a pair you must have a left and a right. 

When one spring breaks and you have a double spring set up you want to replace both springs as the other spring has just as much wear and tear and will break sooner than later.

Garage door springs simply provide the lift to raise and lower the door.  The amount of lift provided by a spring is based on 3 factors:

1- Wire Size  2- ID (Inside Diameter)  3- Length of spring 

A garage door opener simply guides the door up and down.

Which spring do you need?  That depends on the weight and size of your door.   If your door weighs 150 lbs and is 7 ft tall, you will need a spring that provides 150 lbs of lift for a 7 ft tall door.  Using a spring that provides to much or too little lift will not properly balance the door and can cause damage to the door or opener and possibly injury.

(example:  .250 wire x 2" ID x 30" length,  7 ft door)  

Result  150 lbs of lift and springs will last approximately 15,000 cycles

The same spring but longer

(example:  .250 wire x 2" ID x 33.25" length,  7 ft door)  

Result  134 lbs of lift and springs will last approximately 24,000 cycles

There are 2 ways to determine the springs that you need for your door.

Option # 1 - Measure your spring and get the exact same size spring (This is fine if the correct springs are on your door to begin with)

Since I offer high cycle springs the wire size and lengths will not match, you can email me sales@advantage-door.com with your wire size and I can tell you what is compatible.

Option # 2 - (The most accurate)  Weigh your door with a bathroom scale and select the proper springs from the order page

If it has only 1 spring you can with help disconnect the door from the operator and place your scale under the door to get the weight.  Weigh the door 3 times to ensure that the door was not hung up on something and provided a false reading.

If you have a double spring you can back wind the spring with a 1/2 metal winding rod to lift the door slightly and place your scale under the door.  Then put slight pressure on the winding bar going the opposite direction till there is slack in the cables and the total door weight is on the scale.

Once you have determined the door weight you can purchase springs accordingly.

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